We are environmental contractors providing consultancy and services in the assessment and monitoring of the biology and ecology of freshwaters and fisheries in the UK.  we specialise in the improvement or construction of habitat features and landscapes that contribute towards the restoration and maintenance of all freshwaters and their surrounding habitats.   


Contracts begin with an initial site visit and in some cases further investigations, followed by a written report that include assessment of current status and recommendations for improvement of the site. The extent of data collected is site specific and tailored to your needs:


  • Flora and fauna identification, surveys, and long term management plans
  • Invertebrate identification and population monitoring
  • Fish stock assessments: population dynamics, population structure, ageing, condition factor
  • Stock management: Safe stocking and removal plans, both short and long term taking into consideration all environmental factors.
  • Water quality testing and monitoring
  • Disease identification and recommendations for eradication or long term management
  • Biosecurity assessment and future management recommendations

Construction to enhance the freshwater habitat and its biodiversity:

  • Floating reed beds
  • Juvenile fish refuges
  • Cormorant proof refuges
  • Spawning refuges
  • Invertebrate refuges
  • Coir rolls/mats
  • Native planting schemes
  • Nature reserve enclosures
  • Rockeries, waterfalls, ponds

Flow and erosion control:

  • Hazel flow deflectors
  • Green oak revetments
  • Sheet piling
  • Woven hazel revetments
  • Gabion stone cages
  • Gabion stone rock rolls
  • Reclaiming of lost banks

Maintenance contracts:

Involve annual seasonal tasks for the upkeep of a healthy fishery


  • Weed cutting
  • Algae control
  • Bank clearance
  • Tree cutting
  • Dredging and silt removals

Invasive species control:

Involves the removal and treatment of invasive non-native macrophyte species, that grow in shallow water and the surrounding habitat.


  • Parrots feather
  • Mares tail
  • Blanket weed
  • Non-native lilies
  • Encroaching reed swamps e.g. bulrush
  • Japanese knotweed
  • Balsam
  • Floating pennywort